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About Rick


I have been an artist, a musician, and an athlete all my life. These three parts of my life drive my creativity. As an artist, I love playing with color and light. As a musician, I am drawn to how the sight and sound of a concert can be translated into a work of art. As an athlete, I love to capture the moment that can be epic and unforgettable.

My background is traditional illustration, but with the advent of today’s technology, I am now able to create my artwork digitally. I have been very fortunate to develop a collaborative relationship with some awesome photographers that specialize in concert photography along with their other talents.

Along with music and sports, I am also available for commission work for a variety of subjects, including portraits, wildlife, and scenics. Click HERE to learn more. Prices vary depending on the subject matter and complexity of that subject.


Please feel free to contact me at: for more information.



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